Adult Recreational Classes

KenleyTutu-72dpiADULT CLASSES

Young Adult Jazz/Lyrical/Ballet (first class is Wednesday, Oct 4th)
Wed. 8:00-9:30PM
$54.00 monthly
$44 monthly (NFDC alumni)

Adult Jazz/Tap (first class is Wednesday, Oct 4th)
Wed. 8:45-10:00PM
$52.00 monthly
$42 monthly (with child enrolled)

Dads (March-May)
Wed. 9:00-10:00PM
$50.00 monthly
$40 monthly (with child enrolled)


45 Minute Class once per week            $500.00 annual     $50.00 monthly
(All Creative Movement, Hip Hop Classes, Dance
Ability classes)

One Hour Class once weekly                $570.00 annual    $57.00 monthly

One Hour Twenty Minute Class once weekly    $720.00 annual    $72.00 monthly

One Hour Thirty Minute Prep Comp Class        $760.00 annual    $76.00 monthly
*ALL PREP COMP CLASSES attend two local competitions each spring in April/May.  Competition fees of approximately $225 will be billed in Feb/Mar.

30 Minute Acro Class meeting once weekly        $500.00 annual    $50.00 monthly
When acro/tumbling is taken as a second class      $440.00 annual    $44.00monthly

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: (discount applies to lesser tuition fee)
Second Child/Same family    15%
Third Child/Same family    50%
Second Child (if boy)        50%

Add a HIP HOP…(does not apply to ACRO/TUMBLING classes)
Dancer’s second class is discounted 35%
Dancer’s third class is discounted 50%

Classes with ONE RECITAL DANCE     $65.00     (Nov)            TOTAL $65
Classes with TWO RECITAL DANCES     $65.00 (Oct), $65 (Nov)    TOTAL $130
Classes with THREE RECITAL DANCES    $140 (Oct), $140 (Nov)      TOTAL $280

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