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Ready to make a payment? Click the button below to sign in to your account. Need help setting up your online account or making a payment? Follow the instructions below.

Pay Online

If you are a current Dance Studio/NFDC student use the email address that we have on file. If you have not yet accessed your online account click on Current Student/Account first-time use. Do not create a new account if you are a current Dance Studio/NFDC student.

If you are a new student click on New student/Account. If you are registering for a new class/camp you will not be able to pay the tuition online until after we process your registration. However, if you include your credit card information in your account we will automatically process your payment when processing your registration. You will receive an email confirmation and/or statement when your registration has been processed

Click here to obtain a temporary password.
– Select I am a current or returning account or student, but this is my first time logging in
– Enter email address.  (This must be the same email address from your registration form)
– Click Request Password

If the email address is not found, then you will receive a message to call the studio Once you receive the temporary password, click here
– Enter the account email address
– Enter the password
– Click Log in
– Enter the new password
– Select Save Password

Update all information needed in Account Information page.

To Make Online Payments:

You will be able to view all charges that are paid and unpaid.
– Enter account email
– Enter password
– Select Pay Online
– Select the charge or charges to be paid by clicking in the box in the Select column
– The payment amount due will be shown
– To edit the amount you are paying on a charge, double click the dollar amount shown in the Pay Amt. column after selecting a charge to pay
– Click Enter Payment

The credit card that you have entered on the account information page will be charged.

Pay Online

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