2019-2020 Class Schedule

(18mo-33mo.) TAP/PRE-BALLET (2 recital dances)

Dancers must be 18 months old to start.  Enrollment accepted until Nov. 1, 2019 as space permits.
A 45 minute class meeting once weekly that uses props and encourages movement to music along with group participation.  Class work focuses on entertaining exercises that help to build rhythm, timing, and coordination skills while at the same time helping each student acquire a lifelong love for dance.

Monday           5:00-5:45PM 
Wednesday     9:45-10:30AM     
Wednesday     6:00-6:45PM – FULL
Friday              5:45-6:30PM
Saturday         9:30-10:15AM

3-5 year olds) TAP/PRE-BALLET (2 recital dances) (Dancers must turn 3 by October 31, 2019)

A one hour class meeting once weekly focusing on pre-ballet and tap.  The class encourages rhythm and movement and incorporates beginning basic ballet positions.  The intent revolves around using dance as a creative means to encourage self-expression.

Monday            5:45-6:45PM – FULL
Tuesday           4:45-5:45PM 
Tuesday           6:45-7:45PM
Wednesday     10:30-11:30AM
Wednesday      5:00-6:00PM – FULL
Wednesday      6:45-7:45PM – FULL
Thursday          6:30-7:30PM – FULL
Friday               6:30-7:30PM
Saturday          10:15-11:15AM – FULL

(5-7 year olds) TAP/BALLET/PRE-JAZZ (2 recital dances)

A one hour class meeting once weekly that continues the introduction of basic pre-ballet training along with beginning the mastery of single step tap sounds.  The classes also include an introduction to beginning jazz technique and musical theater experiences with continued attention devoted to balance and coordination.

Monday          6:10-7:10PM – FULL
Monday          6:45-7:45PM – FULL
Tuesday         5:45-6:45PM – FULL
Wednesday    5:15-6:15PM – FULL
Wednesday    6:15-7:15PM – FULL

**Please call us at (763) 862-9966 for Kindergarten/First Grade options. 

(7-10 year olds) TAP/BALLET/LYRICAL/JAZZ (3 recital dances)

These classes range from eighty to ninety minutes per week and build upon a strong understanding of basic ballet technique with the introduction of lyrical movement.  The classes expand upon tap vocabulary and begin to involve expanded stretching and jazz technique exercises.  An emphasis begins to be placed on strengthening the dancer’s center/core and continues to stress flexibility.

Tuesday          6:10-7:30PM
Wednesday    6:30-8:00PM      *SECOND-THIRD GRADE PREP COMP
Wednesday    7:05-8:35PM      *THIRD GRADE PREP COMP – FULL
Wednesday    7:15-8:45PM      *FOURTH GRADE PREP COMP
Thursday        5:00-6:30PM      *SECOND-FOURTH GRADE PREP COMP – FULL

10-13 year olds) TAP/BALLET/LYRICAL/JAZZ (3 recital dances)

A ninety minute class weekly that involves learning more intermediate tap steps, introducing more advanced stretch and jazz movement, and strengthening ballet technique while incorporating the beginnings of style and emotion into the dancer’s lyrical dancing.

Monday     7:15-8:45PM        *SIXTH-TWELTH GRADE PREP COMP
Tuesday    7:15-8:45PM        *FIFTH GRADE PREP COMP

(3 recital dances) 14 & older

A ninety minute class weekly concentrating on the dancer’s knowledge of body placement through more difficult ballet combinations and introducing more stylized movements in lyrical performance.  Continued mastery of intermediate tap steps as well as jazz technique encouraged at a more difficult level.

(Kindergarten & Up)

Wednesday     4:30-5:15PM     Hip Hop (1 recital dance)
Wednesday    5:20-6:05PM      Jazz/Tap (1 recital dance with option for a second)

(1 recital dance) (5 & older)

These classes will introduce the basic vocabulary of hip hop movement and incorporate the latest styles of street dance, breaking, popping, and locking.  It will encourage the development of the individual dancer’s style and personality to the movement.  Upper and lower body conditioning is needed to develop the dancer’s strength and stamina.  No previous dance experience is required.

Thursday    5:15-6:00PM      5-8 Year Olds
Thursday    7:30-8:15PM      8 & Up

Adaptive Dance Classes (class size limited to 10)

Our adaptive dance classes will provide an opportunity for individuals with special needs to experience the joy of performing arts through dance education.   Designed for students with Down syndrome, Autism and other developmental and physical disabilities, our classes provide a great way for children with special needs to improve motor skills, confidence and socialization.  Students will be introduced to tap, jazz and ballet and will learn routines throughout the year that will be performed at the spring recital as well as regional events.  Each class will be staffed with instructors from the studio, as well as a number of “mentor” dancers from NFDC.

Friday      7:30-8:15PM        Ages 6 & Up

*We welcome dancers ages 3-5 to enroll in our preschool program


Open Optional Ballet Classes



AGES       3rd-5th Grade

(ages are as of 9/1/2019, class size limited to 10)

These classes will focus on a variety of movements, skills, and flexibility that will help young dancers in multiple areas of their dancing. Dancers who are new to tumbling will focus on gaining the basics that many of the higher level skills are built upon. As the dancers improve on these basics, they will be introduced to more advanced skills, including back walkovers, front walkovers, and aerials. Acro/Tumbling classes are taught by coaches from Twin City Twisters in Brooklyn Park.

Thursday    5:30-6:00PM        3-4 year olds
Thursday    6:05-6:35PM        5-6 year olds
Thursday    6:40-7:10PM        7-8 year olds
Thursday    7:15-7:45PM        8-11 year olds

(ages are as of 9/1/2019)
Classes are held for competitive NFDC dancers ages 8 & UP on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings. Dancers will be placed by ability.  New NFDC students registering for acro will be auditioned for placement. An exact schedule will be available prior to the start of class once all registered dancers have been placed.

We will be offering the following classes for our competitive dancers to have extra training in Jumps, Turns, Improv and Hip Hop. Classes will be split by age, please use your dancers age when you register as of September 1st, 2019. Please note that based on registration, classes may be separated differently if needed.

Classes will begin Friday, September 6th and finish Friday, December 6th with no classes meeting Friday, November 29th.

6th Grade & Up      $150
6:10-6:40    Turns
6:40-7:10    Jumps
7:10-7:40    Improv

3rd-5th Grade         $150
6:20-6:50     Turns
6:50-6:20     Jumps
7:20-7:50     Improv

K-2nd Grade will have 9 sessions starting Sunday, October 6th and running until Sunday, December 8th. There will be no class Sunday, December 1st.

K-2nd Grade          $150
3:00-3:45    Ballet
3:45-4:30    Jumps/Turns
4:30-5:10    Hip Hop

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